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About Us

We’ve spent a great amount of time figuring who we are and what inspires us, so that we can better serve our clients and our community. Learn more about us, our history and why we do what we do.

About Us

We’ve spent a great amount of time figuring who we are and what inspires us, so that we can better serve our clients and our community. Learn more about us, our history and why we do what we do.

What makes us us:

We believe that everyone deserves quality health care, and helping those with the very least not only breathes life into them, but also into us.

At Peerspectiv, we believe that independent peer reviews help doctors focus more on their patients and less on paperwork.

We partner with FQHCs to provide independent clinical peer reviews with the ultimate goal of enhancing the quality of care for patients together.

Our Story

I have loved people my entire life. Being around people energizes me and relationships are truly what give life meaning. I especially feel drawn towards including and partnering with those less privileged, left out–the “forgotten ones.” In elementary, I can remember picking the kids first, whom I knew would be picked last to be on a team. Including everyone has always been one of my great passions. 

The desire and opportunity to help people was magnified in college when I lived in Austin, which has a significant homeless population. I started working with many of the people on the street in a very non-official capacity. I would bring them food everyday and make sure they had warm clothes. I continued to work with my homeless friends to get them identification, bank accounts, and any governmental benefits we could. Soon I was partnering with a local ministry to help move people from the streets into manufactured homes. I would use my own money to pay rent and buy groceries for them every week. And when the time came, I took on the responsibility of transitioning the elderly into nursing facilities, so that they could be properly cared for in their last days. 

Fast forward to when I started my first peer review company in 2005, which services the residents of the state of Texas. Since that time through the present, we have performed more peer reviews for the Texas Department of Insurance than anyone in the state. I was then introduced to the amazing difference I could make partnering with FQHCs in 2017 and have not looked back. Now, working with FQHCs to ensure that everyone has quality healthcare is my foremost passion. 

Our goal at Peerspectiv is to make sure that everyone feels loved, valued and above all, cared for physically and emotionally. The way we do that is by partnering with you—FQHCs—because quality healthcare is something that all people deserve, especially those who often get over-looked or picked last in the game of life. 

Ashton Prejean


Chris Hughes RN, CPC-A

Chief Operating Officer

Having worked many years for a large Texas FQHC and having served as Vice President of Quality and Performance Improvement, Chris brings with him a proven record of achievement in leading and educating others in the areas of Quality systems, clinical services, EHR development/training and application, process improvement, public and private regulatory requirement and operational systems application. Chris is an individual who is dedicated to producing the most successful value-driven result via consistent evaluation and process scrutiny while maintaining the highest level of integrity and accountability. Chris guarantees our goal of serving our clients is always in the forefront.

“I always want to make sure our clients know we are on this journey with them. We are their tireless support, their solution center. Our success is only determined by our client’s success.”

We’re giving back.

The majority of FQHC patients are below the poverty line and lacking many of life’s basic necessities. These health centers are providing care to those that are in the greatest need. At Peerspectiv, we share the same passion to help the under-served and that’s why we partner with and support Mansfield Mission. Part of every dollar we generate from our business gets poured back into making lives better for the hungry, hurting and homeless communities through the Mansfield Mission.