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Community Health


FEBRUARY 10, 2020

Federally Qualified Health Centers represent medical care at its best. The staff and faculty within these organizations are dedicated to patient care first and foremost, giving a chance at a healthier, brighter future for many who need it.

At Peerspectiv, we partner with FQHCs because we share the same passion for serving those who may not be able to afford the healthcare they need. We believe everyone, no matter their income or living situation, deserves quality healthcare from dedicated professionals. It’s our mission to support ​your ​ mission.

Through our revolutionary peer review process, we’re helping doctors do what they do best: help people. In this article, we’re going to explain ​how​ we do that.

A Patient-Focused Process

Peer reviews are an essential part of your operation. These reviews, at their best, offer an objective glimpse into the care you’re providing to your patients, ultimately creating opportunities for growth, refinement, encouragement, and restructuring.

But these peer reviews also take time and effort- the same time and effort that your staff needs to give to patients. At Peerspectiv, we believe in your work and by offering external peer reviews, we’re helping to make sure that the focus stays on your patients.

Your doctors don’t have time to mess with paperwork, internal friction, and everything that comes alongside professional feedback. By offering to carry the load with an efficient, objective, and fast process, we’re helping to make sure that patients stay at the focus of your FQHC’s work.

Better Reviews, Better Care

But our service isn’t just meant to make your work easier. It’s also meant to make it better. Just because many of your patients can’t afford healthcare, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t receive the highest level of healthcare.

Through our external peer reviews, we’re helping improve care across the board. We’ve built a process around objectivity and transparency, which ensures you and your staff are getting the most accurate and honest professional feedback possible.

At Peerspectiv, we believe this translates directly to ​better patient care​. We know you and your doctors choose to work at an FQHC because you care about the health of your patients. By supporting your staff through external, specialized peer reviews, we’re helping them to be the best healthcare providers they can be.

Partners in the Journey

Particularly in the feedback process, it’s easy to feel alone. It can be difficult to have your work examined, and your FQHC and its staff deserves to know that you’re not alone in your mission. At Peerspectiv, we believe in your work and our sole purpose is to make it more effective.

With internal peer reviews, there can be internal friction and drama. Your staff can feel like Big Brother is always watching, trying to catch a mistake. We specialize in creating a process that supports your staff, your bottom line, and the image of your FQHC. We exist to be a partner in the fight, a collaborator in your journey, and someone who’s going to work ​alongside you​ to make lives better everyday.

FQHCs are doing important work. You and your staff are helping to support and care for underrepresented people across our nation, and it’s not an easy job. But it’s ​our job to make it easier​. You got into this field to help people, and by creating a process that supports your FQHC, we’re ensuring that you’ll continue to do so.